Bar 12

Not such a bad place.

Fossil presents: Bar 12, the place where I hangout!

As most of you know, Bar 16 is no more, but is now Bar 12. It has the name 'Jam's Bar 12' because when we moved those customers that knew the bar as 16, would have no idea that it had merely moved from one side of the Best Friend complex to the other. As well as that most customers knew Jam, so it was decided to put her name in lights so passers by would be able to recognize the name, so thereby not thinking that the bar had disappeared altogether.

Here is a map of Pattaya City. The Red Dot is where the Best Friend complex is located. It is on Beach Road between soi Post Office and soi Pattayaland 1. You can't miss it! Well, you shouldn't. And don't forget we are now located at Bar 12. It's the 3rd bar on the left as you walk up the lane way.

And this is the back of the business card to give you a better idea.

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These photos were taken during April and May, 2007. Some may not look like all that much fun, as I guess you have to be there to appreciate it. April is traditionally the month that Songkran is celebrated. This is also usually the hottest month so the water splashing (wars!!) is actually a bonus. In this update it was two people's birthday, and anyone who happened to be there was quite happy to join in the celebrations.
This last photo taken on the evening of Sept 5th 2007 shows a few of the girls at #16 with a couple of customers and myself. In the box marked Stan Rush, is in fact Stan Rush. He passed away several days before and was cremated in Thai style. He will be taken back to Australia in fine style where    

he will be laid to rest, probably on a prominent position on a mantle-piece. In true Aussie fashion we all drank copious amounts of alcohol and not a sad face was to be had anywhere. As it should be!

This next set of photo's were taken 8th Sept at #16. It was Jam's birthday, and even though it wasn't an official party, it was a party atmosphere all night. None of the pix were taken by me, as I had the video camera out.

This gallery was taken over a few days in September 2007, one of which was a friend's birthday. Some of the other photo's need no explaining as they defy common sense, although it has to be said, there was much merriment, silliness and imbibing of whatever your favourite liver waster is. Brain cell destroyer in my case! As you can see, many of the photo's were not taken by me as I'm in them! But once again a great time.

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